Calling all #ASMRtists! Submissions now open for TEA TIME WITH DRAGONS: TEA FOR ONE, a paid project with royalties #asmr

Calling all #ASMRtists! Submissions now open for TEA TIME WITH DRAGONS: TEA FOR ONE, a paid project with royalties #asmr

Do you know any relaxing storytellers or soundscape creators, wink wink?

Because “Teatime With Dragons: Tea Party for One” is now accepting submissions!

Basically, Tingles Tea is going to launch a huge relaxation bundle of tea-themed ASMR. It’ll be like an “audio tea-party” for ASMR lovers!

We’re actually accepting submissions for the bundle NOW.

Each ASMRtist accepted into the bundle will be paid 90 percent of the royalties on their submission, with 10 percent to publisher (Tingles Tea). We’ll track payments and distribution through both Draft2Digital and–that means the full “audio-extravaganza” will go out to Amazon, Spotify, and pretty much everywhere else!

Unlike a lot of audio publications, creators will retain all rights to their work; publisher will only receive nonexclusive distribution rights and the right to bundle the “audio tea party” on Tingles Tea during free promos. (In the latter case, ASMRtists will ADDITIONALLY be paid for tea sales generated through each artist’s affiliate link) This has the potential to gain a decent chunk of change for involved ASMRtists, as the joint venture promotion will ensure that a large number of people are naturally promoting each ASMRtist: everyone will make many more sales together than each creator would on their own.

And most importantly, it has the potential to be a really sweet, relaxing experience for someone who needs to rest.

The only requirements for submission are that the ASMR be tea-themed all the way through, and longer than fifteen minutes. Roleplay, trigger-focused, it’s all okay! It’s also okay if it’s previously published on your channel already–in fact, to save time on the submission, you can just send a link to the published video and we’ll let you know if we want the mp3.

Let your people know! We’re going to make something AWESOME we can all be proud of, to transport folks to a tea-time somewhere else. You can email submissions to jen at becominghero dot ninja!

Jen Finelli, MD
Tingles Tea Founder
The Relaxation Doc

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