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Jungle vines swing down around your face in the oppressive heat. 

You straighten your aching back, eyes on the mountain in the distance just visible beyond the canopy. Its snow cap gleams like a diamond against the blue sky. You know it’s cooler up there–cold, even–but the thought doesn’t change your sweat.

You sure hope your sword doesn’t rust, with all this moisture, the temperature change...the sheath’s heavy on your hip, whacking your right knee with every step. You push the next long branch out of the way, emerald vellum sticky against your palm as underbrush tangles around your ankles, and your heart sinks.

A dark shadow curls around the mountaintop–a tendril of smoke, of poison smog.

She’s there, ahead of you, already? Why now? You’re still nursing scars from last time you fought the old reptile…

And this…is where I come in.

No matter how exhausting your journey–whether your body’s weary from blood pressure, chemistry, and sugar, or your mind’s weary from stress, trauma, or a touch of the existential–

No matter how big the dragon or how small the lizard, I know something about rest.

I’m Jen Finelli–that’s Jen Finelli MD, SAMFE, FAWM, a former military physician, sexual assault medical forensic examiner, and wilderness medicine doctor, and I’ve seen my fair share of horrible deaths and miserable pain. I was diagnosed with PTSD a couple years ago, and I’m still undergoing treatment now. I’ve fought dragons.

And I’ve found while fighting my own dragons that sometimes you need to pause, set up a bubbling kettle under a large tree, and take a deep breath to clear your mind. To strategize. To heal.

To plan your next fight.

The body and the mind are more intertwined than many people realize, so I’ve put together a moment of rest for both. I’ve sourced some of the most beautiful teas from around the world to tease and calm your senses with the power of theanine. I’ve studied all kinds of relaxation strategies from ASMR to martial arts meditation to old Army psychology manuals to scientific studies.

And I’ve put together a monthly box of rest that’ll blow your mind.

Tingles Tea GIFT CARDS

Now. In specialty shops, one tiny pouch of the kind of tea I source–the kind that wins awards–can sometimes cost $25 or more. It’s at least $5 a cup at somewhere like Starbucks, and I remember sampling a fermented tea in Korea that cost over $50 a box. On top of that, people pay easily $120 per hour for the kind of meditation sessions I’ve organized–shoot, people pay $200 to just get a physician to pay attention to them for half an hour. You’d be looking at over $200 per month!

I decided I could do better.

So in my box of rest,

  • You choose your tea from the list below–YOUR budget, YOUR tastes.
  • You get a special meditation mp3 or relaxation activity each month.
  • You get access to my Wellness Project, which includes:
    • Access to a community geared SOLELY towards productive S.M.A.R.T goals
    • Access to over 5 years of research and experience, with the opportunity to glean from over 200 pages of evidence-based hand-outs and self-care I’ve gathered from clinics I’ve worked over the years ($5k value)
    • Accountability timers to keep you on track, with email support from me should you get stuck
    • Opportunities to earn courses and hidden content by progressing towards your goals

    And you don’t pay $200 per month. You don’t even pay $50, unless you want to.

    Pick your teas below and see what price you get when you go to check out. Seriously–I won’t tell if you put a bundle of rest in the cart and then don’t buy. I used to go into stores and try on dresses I couldn’t buy, and as I see it, there’s no harm in imagining. Imagining what it might be like to cradle a warm, fragrant cup and let your mind wash away in tingles, sound, and soft thoughts…I think we all need that. And I’d like you to imagine what it would feel like to give that to yourself.

    So go ahead–put down your sword. Try on the silks. Let the dragon fear your rested self.

    What goes into your box of rest, adventurer?

    (Don’t forget the free bonus gift for yourself AND a special creator)

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    Thumbnails Products Quantity Action
    Blooming Tea - Hand-sewn edible art for focus and breathing
    Lapsang Souchong - The smoky, rich tea only adventurers understand
    Masala Chai Tea Blend - Reducing my ache with the sweetness of cinnamon
    Organic Cream Earl Grey - All the luxury of cream and sugar without the harmful side effects
    Organic Green Matcha - Meditation tea from my heritage to increase my brain power
    Organic Jasmine Green Tea - A calming elixir that brings romance to my heart
    Organic Lavender White - The Rare Tea I Love for Sleep and Peace
    Peppermint Ginger Green - LITERALLY Tingly Tea
    Pu-ehr - The ancient fermented tea once sold for more than its weight in gold

    Done browsing? Still not sure if you wanna buy?

    That’s fine! Take a look at the bonuses available–just for looking at them, I’ll send you a free relaxation science gift. Here.

    Rest adventurously,