How do I use loose-leaf tea?

How do I use loose-leaf tea?

Great question here from Richard:

“I have used tea bags but have no idea how to use your products, what equipment is needed or how many cups or mugs (if I do it, I go big) a unit of your tea makes…can you help?”

I feel you.

I’ve steeped loose-leaf tea every way you should and shouldn’t: with fancy Canadian sommelier cupping techniques, with beautiful hand-made Korean ceramic scoops…and by dumping tea leaves into a cup like an uncivilized pig. 

You don’t have to do that. This mesh ball infuser is by far the easiest way to steep loose-leaf tea. Gorgeous stainless steel, the infuser holds about the amount that a teabag would, and if you’d like stronger tea for a larger volume, you can just steep it a little longer. Because it’s similar in size and structure to a tea bag, this infuser works perfectly for people who’ve used tea bags in the past, but if you ever have questions, the directions on the back of all of my tea will correspond perfectly to this infuser’s size.

Go ahead. Don’t let confusion stop you from embracing your moment of rest!

There are a couple other ways to steep loose-leaf tea, however. 

Below you’ll find a video where I steep our lovely lavender white in two hand-made ceramic styles. The first, a lovely little spoon-like scoop in the style of a blossom or leaf, I picked up from a street artisan in a cozy little alley in Korea. The second, a lovely blue cupping set in the European style, my husband made. 

You can request a hand-made cupping set in these styles from Brian here! He’s only available some seasons of the year, so if he’s open take advantage of it!

And let me know if you have any other questions about getting into high-quality loose-leaf tea. I’m glad to answer them.

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