Mukbang is controversial in the ASMR community – how do you feel about these 9 Mukbangs featuring GREEN TEA?

I’m not always a fan of Mukbang, but I have to say, enjoyed hearing the crunches and sips of some of these green-tea inspired snacks!

But…now I’m hungry…

What do you think?



From ASMR Ice Ice Ice! She’s so pretty. ^_^


 Love the crisp crunchy sounds in this one!


 Love the crisp crunchy sounds in this one!


I love Rosey’s attitude and whispers through this.



This woman has to be one of the fastest, crunchiest ice chewers on the planet.


There is so much powder here–it must be very bitter!


 I like this one because of how clearly it displays the diversity of green tea. Cookies, ice cream…you can do some wonderful things with powdered matcha. (Of which we have plenty, by the way)


 This is DEFINITELY one way to get your antioxidants. (Have you seen some of the studies on about green tea and antioxidants?)




I LOVE the pretty colors on the green tea cupcake. It’s actually really easy to add green tea flavor to your favorite cupcake dessert–you don’t have to be a baker, or a Mukbang expert. (You just need a few spoon-fulls of green tea powder!)

So what do YOU think about those strong sounds?

A snobby part of me–maybe the part that took those tea sommelier courses, or sat on the floor for six hours during a Japanese tea ceremony–well, that part wonders if this isn’t a desecration of tea.

But then another part of me, a cooler, more “rock ON” part–well, that part says, “hey, you know what? No one can possibly love tea more than someone willing to eat it raw on ice.”

So I applaud these brave souls! How will you be having your green tea today? Whether you’re about elegant tradition or a munching maniac (or both, you beautiful creature!), we have tea for you. <3 And that’s tea that’s good for you AND supports ASMR!

Go get it, you beautiful thing.

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