Organic Cream Earl Grey – All the luxury of cream and sugar without the harmful side effects


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I’m a mixed race Asian-American, so I’m used to taking my tea without sugar. But when a health crisis sent me home back to the States, in pain and exhausted from my medical practice in Korea, I spent some time studying the art of the tea sommelier under the Canadian Tea Association.

Western tea tradition involves a lot of sugar.

Unfortunately, sugar doesn’t do great things for your peripheral blood vessels. Or your pancreas. Or your waistline.

So I was thrilled as a physician when I discovered this amazing, naturally sweet Cream Earl Grey. It makes me feel like royalty, and it tastes exactly as it sounds: robust, classic Earl Grey with a delicious sweet cream flavor, one of the best selling blends from our supplier. Their secret natural flavoring process requires NO added sugar.

Earl Grey on its own is also just really good for you because of bergamot, the natural flavor used to treat the black tea for that special Earl Grey taste. While I haven’t seen any enormous randomized controlled trials, I was excited to discover the Journal of Phytomedicine did a great piece on a number of studies showing bergamot helped improve dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), and apparently it even decreased anxiety in rats!

Simple, and beautiful:

  • Ingredients: Black tea, osmanthus petals, gluten free natural flavor
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Antioxidant Level: Medium
  • Caffeine Level: Medium

My supplier, 3Teas, sources the best teas from around the world–I can literally trace every tea back to its organic, humane origin! They are on a mission to show people that you don’t need sugar and chemicals to have great taste. Quality and ethical business is reflected in the shipping price, which ranges from $10 to $15 for most of the US and Canada: we use humane shipping options such as the Canada post, instead of rushed warehouses with alleged human rights violations (*cough cough prime*), and we ship from exotic and beautiful international locations. We believe you can taste the difference in quality, and that it’s worth paying for.

We use recyclable/reusable stainless steel tins (made in USA) which keep tea fresh for up to 2 years. You may also choose to use white stand up pouches if you prefer, which are cheaper given the rising price of steel, but less environmentally-conscious. For maximum tingles, check out the ASMR video on YouTube that corresponds to your tea! The tins are lovely for tapping, and the pouches make a great crinkly sound.

What are you waiting for? Pick your tingly package and your size below! If you came here from an ASMRtist, part of your purchase goes to help support their continued creation of great ASMR content.

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