Organic Green Matcha – Meditation tea from my heritage to increase my brain power


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I’m part Japanese. I remember my first real Japanese tea ceremony, in all its elegance and pain. I remember sweating in full kimono, in a small room I had to crawl to enter, the folds on the tatami mat pressing against my knees as I shifted the smooth ceramic bowl in my palms to admire its hand-painted, Kokinshu-inspired hibiscus, before lifting the dark green elixir to my lips…

There’s a Japanese aesthetic in the tea ceremony, where we focus infinitely on every single movement, every tiny detail, knowing that this moment will never be repeated. You’ve felt this aesthetic when the cherry blossoms or fall leaves flutter around you, or maybe while watching an elegant, mesmerizing motion in an ASMR video.

Well, organic Green Matcha, the powdered version of the Japanese Great Tea, or Ocha, makes that high tea ceremony aesthetic accessible to your kitchen, starting with the aesthetic of honoring this fleeting moment with graceful details.

Just as every motion we make will never be repeated, the little things matter, and so the little things–like luxury grade purity and healthy catechins–make this the perfect powder to add to your smoothie, your milk, your cream cheese, or even your ice cream for a boost of antioxidants and vibrant, lively, complex flavor for a smooth, satisfying cup.

One of the worst things about my fibromyalgia is the fog that falls over everything–it makes me think slower and feel slower, partly because of the depression that comes with it, and partly because the brain can’t process as well when it’s constantly in pain.

As a physician, this means I have to watch myself, and be careful about what days I give people advice–and that’s why having studies, and an evidence base is so important to me.

The elixir of my ancestors, fortunately, comes with that modern evidence and a brain-power boost. There are innumerable studies about the health benefits of green tea, with research reviewers touting its anti-inflammatory action to the point of cancer prevention, and even claiming it can prevent infectious disease. Everyone’s mileage will vary, but who doesn’t want to drink something known for improving cognition?

This pure product contains only one ingredient: Organic Matcha.

  • Ingredients: Organic Matcha
  • Origin: Kagoshima and Kyoto Japan
  • Antioxidant Level: Very High
  • Caffeine Level: Medium

My supplier, 3Teas, sources the best teas from around the world–I can literally trace every tea back to its organic, humane origin! They are on a mission to show people that you don’t need sugar and chemicals to have great taste. Quality and ethical business is reflected in the shipping price, which ranges from $10 to $15 for most of the US and Canada: we use humane shipping options such as the Canada post, instead of rushed warehouses with alleged human rights violations (*cough cough prime*), and we ship from exotic and beautiful international locations. We believe you can taste the difference in quality, and that it’s worth paying for.

We use recyclable/reusable stainless steel tins (made in USA) which keep tea fresh for up to 2 years. You may also choose to use white stand up pouches if you prefer, which are cheaper given the rising price of steel, but less environmentally-conscious. For maximum tingles, check out the ASMR video on YouTube that corresponds to your tea! The tins are lovely for tapping, and the pouches make a great crinkly sound.

What are you waiting for? Pick your size below! If you came here from an ASMRtist or radio personality, part of your purchase goes to help support their continued creation of great auditory sensory content.

And don’t forget to pick up a mug with your tea! Check out my husband’s amazing handmade ceramics and get 10 percent off your tea.

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