This guy compared my tea to toes…but it’s a compliment XD #greentea #relaxation

“I love the feeling of being barefoot because it’s liberating…but more importantly, it’s grounding. That’s maybe an unusual way to describe tea, but…” – Thomas Comparing My Tea And Toes

As always, it’s Jen, the physician who helps you find relaxing phenomena in the world around us, and I don’t know if you’ve heard of Intentionalattentionasmr, but chances are you haven’t yet, and you’re missing out.

ASMR, of course, is the relaxing phenomenon of scalp neuron activation or “tingles” in response to certain sounds, and while there isn’t any data on it for mental health, short term studies (like the ones I mention when you take your Tea Style Quiz) did find evidence of relaxation in people who experience it.

Thomas is a new ASMR creator with a rhythmic, well-metered voice and crystal clear audio. His close-up, top-down film style really highlights and celebrates the little things, and he made a really kind video mentioning me, which was really nice. ;_;

I thought you might want to check out his style – you know, see if you want to add some of his videos to your evening relaxation ritual this week!

Intentional Attention is a brand new channel, so you’ve got the chance to get in on the ground floor and listen to some high-quality goodness no one else gets yet – you can say you were here before everyone else. = P

For now, just put this on in the background and see what you think.

Rest adventurously,

Jen Finelli, MD, SAMFE, FAWM
The Relaxation Doc

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